Minecraft Team Fortress 2 map [1.4.5]

Minecraft Maps — November 23, 2012, 11:55 PM



This is our 2nd Team Fortress 2 in Minecraft map!
  • Player vs Player combat (PvP)
  • Suggested team sizes: 5v5 to 12v12
  • Capture the Flag.
  • First to score 3 intels or highest score after 15 minutes wins.
  • No mods/plugins required! Completely vanilla!
  • 8 classes, each with their own perks!
  • Instantly respawn wearing full gear!
  • Change classes mid-game!
  • Respawning health packs, free health/food at the spawn points!
  • Team randomizer
  • Change map system that Includes our previous map: Dustbowl
Server Settings
  • enable-command-block=true
  • view-distance=15
Special thanks to Kyrofox and Maxx for building the structures and terrain.

You are also allowed record any footage on this map and post it on youtube, but please provide your viewers a link to this video and/or a Link to SethBling’s YouTube and Hypixel’s YouTube.

How to Install :

  1. Download Minecraft map
  2. Type %appdata% to go to the roaming folder
  3. Open the saves folder
  4. Drag in the zip folderMap
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Additional Details:

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: Hypixel from planetminecraft

Download :


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